Another Chance (Series of Chances #1) Diane Adams



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Another Chance (Series of Chances #1)  by  Diane Adams

Another Chance (Series of Chances #1) by Diane Adams
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Christian RomanceAnna Brown was nearly forty before she earned her college degree. When she has trouble finding a teaching position in St. Louis, she applies for a substitutes position at Caseys Institute, a juvenile detention center located in the Missouri Ozarks. Is it chance or Gods will when a spring snowstorm prevents her from driving home?Dr. Michael Grant admits he made the wrong decision when he ignored the weather and took Anna to dinner. Its the first of many misunderstandings, and Michaels apologies arent enough to truly earn Annas forgiveness.

Every time Anna gives the handsome administrator another chance, it seems hell prove hes no different from any of the other men who have disappointed her.Michael cant help being intrigued by this tiny woman, whose behavior is so different from the ordinary. Though she admits shes afraid of animals, he offers her a job overseeing an experimental pet therapy program. Ignoring his self-imposed rule against fraternizing with those who work at Caseys, he finds himself seeking every opportunity to get to know her better.

Normally, hes a stickler for the rules, but hes willing to make an exception whenever Anna doesnt follow instructions.Overcoming a fear of dogs isnt Annas only challenge. Some of the other women resent the special treatment she receives from Dr. Grant, and theyll do whatever they can to keep the two of them apart. It seems she has inadvertently made an enemy of at least one man as well, and hell stop at nothing to come between her and Michael Grant.It takes a near crisis to open Annas eyes to the truth about loyalty, from both animals and people.

Shes ready to swallow her pride, if Michael is willing to give her another chance.Michael blames himself for what happened - he should have shared his history in the beginning. Is it too late to tell her now, and ask her to give him another chance?

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