Heartless (Ruthless Series Book 2) Esther Krogdahl



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Heartless (Ruthless Series Book 2)  by  Esther Krogdahl

Heartless (Ruthless Series Book 2) by Esther Krogdahl
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The devil is in the detail...Like any other large corporation, Hell’s employees need to be acquired, managed and when necessary, terminated. Now in limbo, Ruth Wroth is the unwitting Human Resources manager of Hell’s Earth branch – GlobalCore.Forced to work for the charismatic Lucifer, Ruth must reap the souls of her heinous assignments in devilish style. Although killing scumbags for an eternity is strangely satisfying, Ruth has a plan to resign but first she needs help from the competition.To secure salvation for her defiled soul Ruth must find her seeing-sphere – a heavenly object that will reveal the good deed she must commit to absolve her sins.

But it is locked within an ancient library managed by Heaven’s Earth division – Stratus.When Christian, an undeserving angel, offers Ruth a lifeline in return for a date, she reluctantly agrees. Soon Ruth finds herself grappling with love, loyalty and lies as she is forced to choose between the better of two evils.As the Rapture nears, will Ruth’s journey to the truth leave her heartless?Heartless is the second action packed novella in the Ruthless Series, proceeded by Ruthless and followed by Soulless.

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